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Blog Rules


This blog is a great resource for you as a student. To use it effectively, you need to follow two rules:

1. Write grammatically. Treat your writing on this blog the way you would your in-class writing. Write grammatically. Compose complete sentences. Use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Proofread your comment before your post it. You should not write here the way you do on, say, Facebook. (You shouldn’t write ungrammatically on Facebook, either! But that is a separate post.) Internet abbreviations (IMO, TL;DR, etc) are not appropriate in this forum. Your commenting and posting here is graded. Your writing should reflect this.

2. Be civil. At times, you will be responding to a post and to your peer’s comments on a post, and you may disagree with someone’s opinion in the comments. That is fine! It is even encouraged. But responses should be polite and civil. Imagine that you are sitting across from the commenter in our classroom. Imagine saying to her face what you are typing in the comment box. Don’t type something that you would feel uncomfortable saying to someone’s face in our class. Miller rules and expectations for how students should treat each other still apply here, even though it is digital communication. (If you ever wanted to see an example of how NOT to respond to a comment, read the comments on a popular YouTube video. They typically devolve into name-calling or worse.) “That’s stupid” is not a valid criticism. If you think someone is incorrect, or missing the point, explain why you think they are wrong, using evidence and logic to support your claim. Disagreements  are good; when arguments are well-supported with good evidence and well-presented, they often expand everyone’s knowledge about the subject at hand. Petty arguments are dull, and advance nothing.


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